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Welcome to Bleu marine France!

The French media and the politicians got a wake up shock from the Sunday’s European elections. A remake of nightmare film — April 2002-bis happened — the winner is the darling girl of Sarkoland and Copéville. Ms. Marine Le Pen rejectionist party got 24.95 % of the vote and took the lead of the French political parties system, a position that places her to become queen-maker in the new Bleu marine France politics.

Nonetheless her strategy is to get rid of President Hollande as she did with the former President Sarkozy, and she will shape the French-right political nebulous to become the Geert Wilders of the French right. In the long run, she will position herself as a credible alternative to the left and the social-democracy of President Hollande.

Ms. Le Pen has said to change the name of its xenophobic party and make it adaptable to the French Republic’s “values,” in this eventuality Chairman Copé himself, who is dying for the frontists’ vote, has said, “Le Pen is compatible with the Republic…” Now, how far can Chairman Copé go in his rightization of French politics?

Thus, Ms. Le Pen’s voters in their majority want to govern now.
On the other hand, the shredded Copé’s party wants the frontists to join them to defeat the confused President Hollande and his party’s leaders. This tactic meant to end the UMP’s existence and implode the conventional France’s political system.

The frontists are already jubilant, and they have every reason to be so. As a matter of fact, during the Chirac administration, a fiery tactician was appointed to be France’s Cop-In-Chief to marginalize the score of Jean Marie Le Pen in April, 2002, to clean up the sub-urban neighborhoods (les banlieues), and stop illegal immigration: his name, Nicolas Sarkozy.  

These ingredients tasted delicious on the tongues of the frontists. His “tactic” worked in 2007, and he was elected with 10% of the frontists’ vote. But the media and the politicians told us the frontists are losing ground. One remembers President Sarkozy’s overture toward the center-right and-left. He thought after reducing the frontists he could implode the left and have a safe second term.  

But his door to the center-left was shortly closed, and he opened a French window with a splendid tray for the frontists by bringing the question of the French identity to the political arena. His campaign theme focused on Halal meat (French kids’ luncheon menu), en-Neqab (known to the westerners as Burqa), the location of Muslims’ prayers, gender separation in the swimming pools and excision. 

He used the noun “patrie” (patria), called his fellow French “patriots.” All this while the country was in a profound debt crisis, and has lost its prestige and influence in MENA and Africa.
Even former President’s Sarkozy Premier Fillon, who is usually prudent and timid in his political exits, qualified Muslims’ and Jews’ religious customs as “ancestral traditions.” During the presidential 2012 campaign that took place at the meat market.

However, the electoral theme was not about the Halal meat, as if the French just discovered that Muslims and Jews buy their meat from their fellow Muslims’ and Jews’ meat stores and eat Halal and Kosher.

In lieu of having a serious debate about this thorny theme that has been going on like a chronic disease in the French society for the last three decades, the immigration issue under former President Sarkozy’s administration passed all imagination. His incompetence and political calculation pushed him into an impasse.
So relaunch the question of the integration of immigrants, who once were told, get integrated if you want to be one of us. Now they are telling them, get assimilated, but how does one expect them to assimilate in a message of prejudice, whose preachers find their civilizations clashing over a chicken breast?

Subsequently, on the FN question all politicians are complicit, right and left alike, because both major parties use this societal question as an electorate card. The Socialists under Mitterrand and the “lefty” media rightly excelled to some point to demonize the FN and its former leader, Jean Marie Le Pen. The so-called republican right has been very timid toward the Le-Penization of France, using its vote to win seats.  

So, Sunday’s results told the truth about France. It cannot just be an angry vote or blame the 57.0% of the abstentionists. It is alarming when the majority of the so-called blue collar voted for Ms. Le Pen party, since they used to be the left’s sacred cow. This increased during the five years of former President Sarkozy’ administration who not only echoed far-right rhetoric, but also applied far-right measures vis à vis the Other, the boggy man of French politicians’ failure.

For instance, the inhumane Roma expulsion episode to Romania and Guéant circular toward graduated foreigners to stay and work in France, and just last week former President Sarkozy questioned the 1985 bordeless European Schengen treaty…
The restructuring of the FN has become a huge challenge for the French left-right alike. Former President Sarkozy promised willingly to build a strong “nation,” a white and bleu marine nation.

This is a nation that is suffering a multi-dimensional malaise caused by the frontists’ rejectionists, former President Sarkozy’s opportunism, the left media, politicians’ detachment and a normal Social-democrat President who seems lost control of his presidency. Now, more than ever, France needs a leader who is able to restore its intellectual douceur.